Expanding opportunities
with our foundation

There are two technologies to choose between when it comes to foundation construction. The traditional technology, with all that implies of digging, space requirements and long lead times.

The other option is called Grundtuben™ – a patented method which is much better adapted to modern demands for efficiency and short time spans.


  • Grundtuben as foundation for tram posts in Norrköping.

  • Noise barrier foundations at Rv73, Stockholm-Nynäshamn.

  • Foundation reinforcements at The Swedish Air Force Museum, Linköping.

  • Noninvasive foundation construction for industrial gate.

  • Pillar foundations at Toyota in Mjölby.

  • Railroad noise barriers, Motala.

  • Grundtuben as foundation for mobile mast.

Foundation for LLENTAB building
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New order from the Swedish Department for Transport
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Grundtuben. A presentation.

The benefits of Grundtuben.

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